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New Guy Jordan Joseph Takes Sage Hardwell's Anal Virginity

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Jordan Joseph is our sexy new exclusive model and we're so pleased to have him here! Sage Hardwell caught a glimpse of our guy during our live show and hit us up saying he was ready to finally bottom. Coincidence? Not at all... Sage has got a thing for Jordan and it seems like he's been waiting for the right guy and the right moment to show us that he's ready to get his ass finally filled. But that's a pretty big dick Sage! Hopefully you stretched and prepared for this!


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  • hondalexus -

    I wish the guys were able to cum while getting f**k instead of just jerking off

  • memberNHn6bh98JubJre2K -

    Surprised Sage came back to bottom and did he very well. Jordan was kind and powerful with him. LOVED IT.

  • memberNHn6bh98JubJre2K -

    Great scene- love both these guys, want more of both, much more.

  • memberY1dM9juTeIsGmxDf -

    O-M-G!!! Thank y’all for this awesome 🤩 pairing! I hope to see more of Sage and eventually Jordan bottoming! GAYHOOPLA you never disappoint!