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Home Videos Neil Alistar! Will he be a Nerd Assassin or Dud?

Neil Alistar! Will he be a Nerd Assassin or Dud?

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The quiet guys like Neil Alistar are always a big unknown. Will he crush it, is he too nervous? Its hard to tell until they get their clothes off. He's got a great 6 pack and nice dick to boot!

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  • Anon_931 -

    Let's see what this shy newbie is like fucking! Excited for this one.

  • r0bj0hn24 -

    I could see him totally being a sexy surprise, I just know this handsome nerd knows how to lay down the pipe

  • rwheeler -

    I <3 this shy and goofy hottie!

  • member7888 -

    Curious to see whether he's a top or bottom, he could totally be a top he's got the long dick for it