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Naked Skateboarder James Olsen

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That dark hair... Those blue eyes.... Our handsome skateboard stud is not finally out for everyone to enjoy. Watch him kick back, get naked, and cum multiple times right before your eyes! From his lean body, to that treasure trail, and that thick cock, there's so much to enjoy.

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  • dustin1113 -

    Confused if the comment section is working, models name is James but there is feedback labeled for James

  • luv2frot -

    This guy had a really hot jerk off session! Hot body too. I also loved the moaning and grunting sounds. That turned me on.

  • daddawg -

    this is the sine qua non of adult films a beautiful erotic portrait.

  • dustin1113 -

    OMG luv guys who can whip out multiple orgasms in only a matter of minutes, fucking hot stud.

  • HotJock69 -

    Ray is one hot dude---beautiful smooth dick, loved that dark trim black hair on his chest and stomach, and in the second segment how many orgasms did he have? This is a five star. He needs to do a cam show.

  • pudge37 -

    Good job Ray! 5 stars! Photography & editing excellent. Nicely paced. James is definitely a hottie. Want to see him do a live show & see if he can repeat that foursie! Hope he is open to guy-guy as well. Keep up the good work & finding those hot guys.

  • WorkBitch -

    the editing of this video is the best i've seen so far!!!!!

  • rimmingfiend -

    The full video sure did not disappoint on the promise of the preview!! Such a hot, hot, hot guy, smiling and masturbating like crazy, 3 orgasms, at least. Not to mention that in the 2nd segment he cum twice within only about 1 minute of each other! Looked like he was gonna nut a 3rd time, given how he was wacking away and how his cock stayed rock hard till the very end. And speaking of his cock--whoa! Nice pole this guy has. Perfect length and thickness. Yum yum yum! I really hope he'll be doing more videos and live cam shows for GH. I sure would like to see a lot more of him. Here's an idea--James, Dmitry and Ray watching porn together and jacking off side by side! And, well, if Dmitry feels the urge to line the other two up side by side with their butts sticking up n the air so he can go back and forth from Ray's beautiful smooth ass and James's beautiful hairy ass, rimming away in both till they're moaning in bliss, well, that could be heaven to see. As long as Dmitry's gorgeous, perfect. muscular ass is up in the air for us to see, too! :)

  • rimmingfiend -

    OMG. You keep finding guys who are as hot as humanly possible, but James Olsen is one of the very hottest! Extremely handsome, beautiful smile, great build without being overly muscled up, perfect cock, nice cumshot on his rippled abs, and truly great butt--esp. that dark hairy, ass ***. YUMMM! He's in the same league of sexiness as Dmitry and Ray, and that's very rare! I can't wait too see the full video. What a great way to start the new year.