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Home Videos Muscle Teen Kyle Dean FUCKS Bodybuilder Sean Costin

Muscle Teen Kyle Dean FUCKS Bodybuilder Sean Costin

 | views: 769028 8%

Sean Costin & Kyle Dean finally meet for a fuck sesh. Kyle Dean is use to being the bigger guy in the room, that was until he met Sean Costin, the perfect specimen. Sean & Kyle are two or of most popular guys with the signature extremely good looking GayHoopla look. We couldn't wait to see these men paired together for a naughty bone. Kyle had never seen an ass quite like Sean's ass! He was memorized and couldn't keep his hands to himself. Once Kyle slipped his rock hard cock in Sean, you see both of their eyes bulge. With a dick like Kyle's, it wasn't hard for Sean to blow his load while being drilled.

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  • odinnot -

    i love sean hairless show off every muscle on his body.i dont watch sean older bottom video's.just because of hair on his body

  • odinnot -

    my idea,sean play with his asshole,he finger it,then he play with butt plug,then leave butt plug in his ass. then he go start suck 04:43 in kyle fuck sean scene.but showing the buttplug also.awhile later. the top stop start to check out his hole & buttplug. play with his ass with buttplug,also showing off sean hole.rimmimg also then later fuck sean etc before fucking, sean play with dildo or finger ass,while top put on condom. or you can use that idea when sean get tag-team or gangbang

  • odinnot -

    hmm 13:25 hot view of sean ass while is riding cock & getting ass slap 13:40 14:05 great view of sean get fuck & ass slap,dirty talk love seeing the change of sex position. i love that sean cum while getting fuck & still getting fuck & i love view 15:42 it shows off sean ass good

  • Terrowin -

    "Rock hard viagra cock"..? I don't know if whoever did this write up is serious or just trolling.

  • odinnot -

    great pre & post interview.getting to hear how they feel before & after scene & also getting to know them.. begin 01:39-02:08 hot kissing & touching body, 01:39-01:51 maybe you should not move cam all over the place.maybe focus on the kissing & zoom camview out,then we see then touch body,it just a not 100% sure about it 02:19 hmm more hot kissing,dirty talk,touching body.i love seeing sean take off pants,damn sean ass is so was hot he showing off to kyle his ass. damn hot view of sean ass 04:52 03:21 -06:05 hot cock sucking & dirty talk also have to go round sean big booty to see the other side of cocksucking.nice close up of sean sucking kyle cock 05:09 06:06 - 10:56 see hot seeing sean ass while he move to doggy style.dirty talk,kyle touch & slap sean big booty.i love seeing the view of kyle cock going in sean doggystyle fuck & love seeing the change of sex position i love view 08:09 06:12-06:36 hot view of sean booty&hole & kyle touch & slap sean ass

  • marjor1e -

    pudge37 you're right.

  • pudge37 -

    That'll be a day for the ages, the day Kyle takes it up the ass - or at least returns the blow job (rimming would be nice as well). He's beautiful, but needs to get with the program. Sean, of course, is a great bottom!

  • jeffrey6969 -

    Can you get more of Kyle's ass in the scene next time please.

  • alopez7 -

    Kyle is fantastic, but soon his cherry must be popped.

  • pb94301 -

    I get that people on GH love Kyle. I agree he's sexy. But it's ridiculous for him not to give a BJ or to rim. That gets tired real quick. If you're going to make him your most-played model, then he needs to do more than stick his dick in a hole.

  • loopster -

    Looks amazing! Kyle is very good at what he does. And he looks fantastic doing it, every time. Buuuuuuut, soon the time must come, when his cherry is to be ....... popped. ;)