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Home Videos Muscle FUCK: Max Summerfield and Sean COSTIN

Muscle FUCK: Max Summerfield and Sean COSTIN

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Max Summerfield is an alpha male that loves to top but always enjoys the wonderful feeling of bottoming. This week his gets to muscle fuck Sean Costin who's one of our top models ever. Both of these guys are veterans with GayHoopla & loved proving it together. Sean Costin has the most amazing ass, and we can watch it get fucked over and over again.

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  • ashersdad1 -

    These are truly the hottest MEN on the site. Why didn't Max suck Sean's cock? C'mon Max!!!

  • bbfucks247 -

    lol Sean and I share a similar life, working out and fucking.I only fuck big bodybuilderslike me and any hot sluts who stars at my 11" cock in my jeans Sean makes me horny for his ass after we pick up and use sluts together. Like hangin with other ho