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Home Videos Muscle All-Star Max Warner Shows Off And JERKS OFF

Muscle All-Star Max Warner Shows Off And JERKS OFF

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What a way to start 2018. Max Warner's body is one of the best we've ever seen. He's body proportions are almost perfect and his face is one you want to wake up to every morning. Max Warner has probably the best ass we've also ever scene shaped to perfection. Can anyone introduce a better model in 2018! Just Wow!

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  • hot4u69 -

    If this cameraman still works for you give him a raise. He knows how to make you feel like you are there. He needs to train the new cameramen. This is how we want to feel watching solos on gayhoopla. #PleaseBringThisCameramanBack

  • hot4u69 -

    I've watched this video of Max Warner so many times.. It still is the best bed humping of anyone ever on Hoopla... why isn't he back for another shoot. Come one Hoopla this guy is a star.

  • hot4u69 -

    Ok I have to say I love his name Max Warner. I've always love Kurt Warner who was an awesome football player and is still hot today. So I will call Max "Mr Football" because i want to catch any football he is throwing. Is it time to huddle?

  • hot4u69 -

    This "All Star" MAX WARNER should give lessons on 'BED HUMPING". I want to give him a "Golden Glob Award" and he should teach his own class. I think I could watch a whole hour of Max making love to a pillow. Someone bring me some water. WOW

  • hot4u69 -

    HE NEEDS TO COME BACK. PLEASE. He is so cute

  • Tylrmd57 -


  • asslover99 -

    get him back !! his ass is amazing

  • Runnerguy -

    I wanna see more from him!!!

  • choptop67 -

    He needs his own wesbite for solos and fucking women.

  • popperdude05 -


  • rJyMdauAfA -

    max is awsome I want to see more of him in a group scene please

  • hRHzFJCxMM8i -

    Thank u for the great Fuck-szene coming soon......

  • hRHzFJCxMM8i -

    Webmaster: When comes the next movie with him...?

  • OfficialLaEl -

    We shall see hRHzFJCxMM8i

  • hRHzFJCxMM8i -

    Webmaster...please answer......

  • hxm94Y4yeKcY7 -

    Build the mystique of Max Warner. Keep him a top.

  • hRHzFJCxMM8i -

    a Bi-act in Hotguysfuck will be great too....He fuck the girl and get fucked.....

  • pb94301 -

    Super sexy guy and great start to 2018! Would love to see him top James Manziel and Colin Simpson and to bottom for Dirty DJones!!

  • TB5g3WzS7Zvf -

    bring him back!

  • hRHzFJCxMM8i -

    When started the next Szene.....?Is he BI or Gay or Straight?

  • pudgy37 -

    Man of my dreams. OMG!

  • jack413 -

    This guy is awesome hot. His body symmetry is great. If he is not a physique competitor, he should be. He is super ripped.

  • hxm94Y4yeKcY7 -

    Make Max the face of the Blurred Media franchise in 2018. Would love to see him tag two babes who are not his gfs.

  • accord55 -

    I think he is big bottom hopefully D jones or Sean can do the honors he is a hottie for sure

  • A6v8P1vZBUDL -

    Wow!! Max totally made my morning wood for the new years. Love those sexy pecs and nipples.

  • ErPxPhYTLrhX -

    the hottest newcomer on any other website and it's only first day of 2018? I hope whoever recruited him got a huge bonus (╯✧▽✧)╯

  • 9grbqth9gub -

    His real name is Joey Miller.

  • bLRgYWB3E3NR -

    Awesome body, and handsome...... hope he {at least} gets a Blow job.... if not more !!!!

  • sean0915 -

    Max Warner is hot. I can't wait to see this on New Years Day. I look forward to Max coming back for man on man fun soon !

  • ZachUSA -

    Looks super sexy.... need him to breed a few guys very deep so they feel him inside squirting