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Mesmerized featuring Bruce Sheppard

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Don't let Bruce Sheppard's angelic face and captivating blue eyes fool you! Standing at 6'5" and clocking in around 200lbs, this new model discovered by Gayhoopla will make you wish you were beside him as he tells you what he wants you to do to him. Get ready for the ultimate tease while Bruce Sheppard forces you to imagine what is under those boxer briefs and when they do come off. You will enter the world of the horniest 18 year-old we've ever worked with.

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  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    Long, lean, limbs! That always makes a great ass too. Yummy!

  • Bopenix -

    A rare and unique beauty !!!! Irresistible guy !

  • Bopenix -

    Probably he best solo here. Bruce has a superb muscled smooth body. Perfect and wonderful. So sensual and his moanings are a turning on bonus. what a great guy. Naturally smooth bodies are really great, and nice bush.Very beautiful young man...so sexy and has a cute bush. Really one of the most beautiful blond here and elsewhere. Keep it preciously. Thanks Bruce, you are a very beautiful man. Want you inmy bed lol.

  • bicanuckguy2 -

    Bruce has a smoking hot body...lets hope he cums back for more real soon

  • ivesonives -

    these emotionally attached gays in the comments like pissed the interview portion is gone..... LMFAO

  • fratboylover69 -

    love you solos and Bruce is hot,kinda miss the interviews helps to get to know the guys better maybe not as long though,also like the candid interaction between the other models

  • noahg123 -

    Need to see him top someone and feed his load to them

  • fivebucks -

    Beautiful as he is-and he really is, i hate the new style-where is the interview? Where is the fooling around? We don't get to know Bruce so i'm less engaged, feels too fake now! If this is the way forward then it's not for me at all sadly.

  • gGr1BNBWne81 -

    hot guy but whats happened to the interview at the beginning of the video you normally do

  • pudgely -

    If he's ever in my neck of the woods, I can make room for him in my bed. He's gorgeous.

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    From abs to ass , Mr. Sheppard has it all! Can not stand it until his next showing.

  • seankurz -

    Wanna see him get fucked.