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Meet Italian Stallion Tommy Angelino

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This smooth talker from the Bronx is someone you wanna make boyfriend material out of. Oh, and he can cook to top it off!


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  • fratboylover69 -

    I totally agree with hot4u69 all your focus has been the men for hot guys fuck,get a gay camera man to film the solos it will make them so much better

  • hot4u69 -

    I’m almost to the point of giving up. The hoopla scenes of yesterday were 100% boner alert. Fast forward to how they are being film now and your lucky to get A 50% boner. I save all of the update and look at them every few weeks. Who decided to change the brand of hoopla to ZERO ASS? Who decided that underwear in the shower is something that gay men want to see? you can tell if a str8 man or gay men film porn. All you have to do is pay attention the closeup shots. At HotGuysFuck you will get close up shots of a guys ass only while he’s fucking a pussy. The cameraman isn’t uncomfortable with that because it’s what he wants to see. You put two men in a room and one undresses and the other jerks offs then boom you have what we see now. No ass shots, no bed humping, no undressing and spinning around and looking at the guy naked, no nude guys in the shower and the list goes on. When will hoopla return back to the format that made it successful for gay men? Please find a gay cameraman for hoopla so he can tell you what shots are important because it’s not working anymore. You can tell all of the focus is on HotGuysFuck.

  • jake238 -

    This is the 2nd solo in a row with no bed humping ass footage. Thats one of the signature elements of gayhoopla solos. Please keep the humping and grinding in all the solos. We like to see good views of their asses.