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Home Videos Max Summerfield FUCKS Aaron Dickson's Tiny Hairy HOLE

Max Summerfield FUCKS Aaron Dickson's Tiny Hairy HOLE

 | views: 691881 6%

Max Summerfield was in for a treat today. We brought the fuzzy bear Aaron Dickson asshole over straight to get fucked. Aaron was able to take Max's monster dick much better then we thought. He got pounded and rode that thing enjoying it probably more then Max. When it sadly ended, he told Max that was definitely now part of his top 10 fucks. Aaron really enjoyed Max spreading him wide open.

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  • bethel1973 -

    Yes, it is 2018 and I am just now seeing this video. I liked it and think Max and Aaron are sexy and super hot men. Thanks, guys.

  • kapukane -

    They kissed with no tongue which is weird and the fucking started way too soon. Boring.

  • k46qk -

    Great video!

  • danvtr5 -

    Yes Pudge!! Exactly!! Except you left off "You're so big". The natural sounds of sex are, well, sexier! All the dialogue starts to sound way too rehearsed and planned.

  • pudge37 -

    I hope you have Aaron lined up for more videos. He's a very enthusiastic participant. However, I wish if they must talk, they would vary their dialogue: #Do you like it?" "Fuck me harder", mucho times each. Would be sexier with less talk. Also, I think Max could have contributed a little more - blow job, rimming. He got away too easily.

  • danvtr5 -

    I don't know how intense this looks. Just sounds kinda noisy to me. And not in a good way. Perhaps the finished product will prove me wrong.

  • pudge37 -

    Looks pretty intense!

  • tommytum -

    always happy to see another hardcore video with Max Summerfield