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Max Richie Jerks Off

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With his model-esk good looks and an ass to die for, allow us to proudly introduce our new guy, Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome himself, Max Richie. Yes, he is as good as he looks. A smart young man with a sense of humor that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. He's also intellectual. Pair all this up with an awesome, well-rounded personality and you have someone you just may never let go of. Take in the moment with Max again & again.

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  • aZZYFP95QW -

    he is so sexy

  • Borpat61 -

    Max is so hot to watch with his smoking body and butt fingering.

  • fratboylover69 -

    nice having two camera's for the money shot,they should be the same quality level though,you have tough competition in the pay for view market so keep up the improvements,I like your more amateur take on the solos,makes it more real

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    shout out to mr peterson doing a great job

  • pje82151 -

    Beautiful model; wish the cum load hd been bigger.

  • peggy13 -

    This was definitely filmed by gay men (the new production crew) who understood that with Max, its all about his very nice butt.