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Mathieu Sire Fucks James Manziel Before Landlord Interrupts

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Damn Mathieu Sire is a HAIRY man! Head-to-toe! Can you imagine the man musk on this stud? I know James Manziel can ;) James is so horny he goes down on Mathieu immediately. Just slobbing on Mathieu's dick is making James rock hard without even touching his cock. Once Mathieu sees that hard dick poking through James's underwear, he's gotta have a taste. This only leads to Mathieu wanting to taste more. Mathieu bends James over and tongues his pink, pristine hole. This sends James in to wild feelings of ecstasy, making him beg Mathieu to fill him up with hard cock. Mathieu doesn't hesitate. With James bent over and legs spread wide, Mathieu lays the pipe. From there, James rides in reverse and then they transition to James on his back which makes him bust a nice load all over his abs. These two exchange more hot kisses and smiles and just as Mathieu is about to cum, something occurs that has never happened before during production. I hope we don't run into this landlord again!

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  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    Jamesy Boy! Oh, la la... and Mathieu! Both are so hot.

  • Borpat61 -

    Mathieu is so hot to watch. Love his sexy bikinis and all that hair. His best asset are the moves. He knows how to please and Mathieu and James had the mojo going on here for sure. Shame the landlord cut this short. More of both of these hotties!

  • beltas -

    at last sexy underwear. Great. Wish James Manziel would wear these.

  • kgmets -

    For a nervous first timer, James has developed into one hot enthusiastic bottom.

  • cadmals -

    James Manziel clearly loves bottoming and has the most amazing ass and legs for it.... please keep bringing him back as THE power bottom!

  • accord55 -

    I agree james is one of your hottest manly bottom . more of james next time stay at a hotel room

  • bethel1973 -

    Come on GH, we members don't pay a subscription for you producers to put your models in an awkward position for your models. James and Mathieu deserve better. Please get your act. And get a decent cameraman and don't be so cheap on lighting.

  • pudgely -

    Coitus interruptus! I hope you've scheduled these guys for a repeat performance where they can conclude their fun at a leisurely pace. I was really getting into it.

  • pb94301 -

    James Manziel is the best bottom (and best ass!) on the site. Keep him coming!!

  • sean0915 -

    I am looking forward to this scene. Mathieu Sire and James Manziel are two amazingly handsome hot men. Mathieu is a hairy dream and James is an awesome man. I sure hope there will be some cum eating with these two guys !