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Home Videos Mathieu Sire Flip Flop FUCKS Collin Simpson

Mathieu Sire Flip Flop FUCKS Collin Simpson

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We have a special new scene today. This is Mathieu Sire's first hardcore scene and his first scene partner is fan favorite Collin Simpson. Literally 15 seconds into the scene, Collin announces "I've got a hard dick already." They couldn't wait to get going. While Mathieu is usually a top off camera, he decided he wanted to bottom for Collin (who could blame him). You can see how Mathieu starts out just a touch nervous and then just lets it all go and throws himself right into it. Collin... well, he needs no encouragement. He pounces on Mathieu like an animal and tells him "you're so fucking hot, you know that? I might have to make you fuck ME too." And he does. This wasn't planned as a flip scene but once Collin saw Mathieu's long grower of a dick, he wanted it. d the whole time).

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  • VpPuH2aQ -

    Colin do you do private shows?

  • bethel1973 -

    Oh my gosh! Is Colin an educated man? He does not seem to have a very extensive vocabulary at all. All he seems to know how to say is OMFG! Colin gives us a brake. BE more creative with your vocabulary. Do you know any BIG words?

  • dinodino17 -

    like this one too!

  • wfDM4UNup29Y -

    HOT,HOT,HOT, Hope to see Mathieu again soon.

  • jetxx1 -

    Mathieu ,you are absolutely amazing. I love your long sexy body and dick. You really know how to fuck a dude like Collin. Great scene guys.. I am looking forward to see Mathieu in some bed scenes soon.

  • FZnSUNDcdxTx -


  • jaysons -

    Mathieu, watching you and Collin fuck reminds me of my swimming days in the locker room after practice with a fellow team mate fucking. I think you know what I mean. It was amazing for a 16- 17 year old.

  • jaysons -

    Mathieu...Your ass is perfect!...Luv the speedo tan line, you need to put that beautiful ass into your pair of speedos for we speedo fetish lovers. Perhaps in your next scene, please!!!