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Masked Man REVEALED!

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Who's under the mask? This was one of those shows that will go down in GayHoopla history. What a rush, just watch and enjoy GayHoopla's newest star! A true friend of ours... JJ Swift.

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  • buttman -

    While I could have used a bit more LaEl ass at the start (ok... la LOT more... what can I say), your "surprise" entertainer more than made up for it. I like a man who has a great ass and ain't afraid to show it off to full advantage. Bravo. BTW — I knew the "right side dick" right off, DD.

  • sobazaar -

    can't wait for the more creative things. always will work with u Dmitry.

  • Dmitry Dickov -

    Thanks guys. The full file download for this and Rob's show should be all set. Enjoy, and thanks again for bearing with me :)

  • Dormon00 -

    I am a member only for him and it's really worth it. What a show!

  • odinnot -

    thank you

  • Dmitry Dickov -

    Stream should be up now. Sorry for the delay - shifting to the new system that allows download has a kink of two still. Download for this video should up in the next hour or so. Thanks for being patient, and please let me know guys if there's anything I can do. :)

  • odinnot -

    the JJ Swift video is not working