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Home Videos Luke Norton, The Towering Inferno... 6-foot-10-tall and HOT as Fuck!

Luke Norton, The Towering Inferno... 6-foot-10-tall and HOT as Fuck!

 | views: 644231 18%

Very tall, that thick European accent, his big dick and that handsome face... all with a chiseled set of abs on that long and lean body. And he loves to jerk off and show off. Perfect.


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  • Rodneyisgay2020 -

    Luke is a dream he has everything that i like, Hairy Chest and Tatts

  • Bopenix -

    I'm always turn on by hairy guys. Luke is a masterpiece. ?,10" is a dream guy; more skin to caress and massage. Would dream of such a "long" guy lol Thanks Luke for the great show. Beautiful guy, sexy and one of a kind. You should give us at least another solo even though you don't want sex with an other buddy.

  • jake238 -

    Also, the camera angles are spot on! Love the different positions!

  • jake238 -

    LOVE the body hair and bed humping!

  • Rodneyisgay2020 -

    WOW Luke has everything that i like in a man, Hairy Chest, Piercing and Tatts

  • kgmets -

    At 6'`10", 210 lbs, Luke is a young straight European basketball player who first had sex at age 16, probably with a female cheerleader for his basketball team. I don't think I ever seen a 6'10" jock get fucked. That could be a good GayHoopla goal for Luke preferably by a short point guard from his team!

  • bluehippo89 -

    Luke has a nice lean frame with a good dusting of body hair. His hairstyle though doesnt do him any favors, if he got a decent hair cut he would be damn handsome