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Home Videos Luc Nix Strokes Out A Big Load!

Luc Nix Strokes Out A Big Load!

 | views: 518322 3%

Luc Nix came on set confident today! This big muscle hunk's never stepped in front of a camera before. He's never even sent a nude! When we walked in with the cameras and started rolling, he dialed it in and made it happen! Luc's left dripping in sweat and covered in cum with a whole new respect for how porn is made!

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  • jarko23 -

    I agree with everyone's comments! Luc is suoer HOT!! The guy has an incredible ass!! Just a sidenote,.. Please add a pic to Luc's profile, as it's currently blank.

  • x_only_yours_x -


  • suckin_sideways -

    Smexy^? hahahah but true

  • Jordan_6t6 -

    Love the way his pecks move when he jerks it

  • peepin_tom90 -

    this guy is hella smexy

  • jarko23 -

    Luc is one hot guy!! He deserves several more video as he's keeper!!. Just a slight criticism on the lighting in the reminded me of Gio Givanni's solo, where the lighting seemed somewhat dim and not sharp at times. Too bad you didn't show more of Luc's ass, especially as he headded to the shower. Real Bummer!! LOL!!