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Home Videos Lonny Ball Jerks Off

Lonny Ball Jerks Off

 | views: 692459 18%

Lonny Ball returns to share a hot solo jerk session he shot to share with us all. This kid loves showing off so much that he asked us if he could have one of our hand-held cameras just to take around with him so you could see what he is all about! Of course he had to show you how he likes to let his cum fly as well. Thanks Lonny! By the way Lonny, did you ever find out if you are related to the Big Baller Brand guys or what? If so, can we get some damn autographs or what??

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  • Markjohnson -

    Super hot guy. Can’t wait to see him top!

  • ZachUSA -

    Cum on GH... an update is NOT just a 5 min short scene....we pay for at least 15 or more minutes for an update....5 min is like a trailer....really??? seriously???

  • Knightdreamer75 -

    Artstar1 you is 100% Correct

  • G7zwcYNXNS3g -

    More of him please

  • artstar1 -

    Again...shitty camera work

  • bethel1973 -

    I just began my Memorial Day watching this beautiful man in the shower. What a holiday! While he is beautiful to behold, his personality is icing on the cake. Lonny is a keeper.

  • pudgely -

    I can conceive of working some wonders with a certain body part of his. Looks like it would be a tight but pleasing fit (I wish!) Going to watch this again, as soon as I can uncross my eyes.

  • Reillytremblay1 -

    I need to see him top someone