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Home Videos Lincoln Hawk Beats His Meat On The Public Couch

Lincoln Hawk Beats His Meat On The Public Couch

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Lincoln Hawk is always a crowd pleaser. He shows up with his hair slicked back and his legs wide open. He knows his power lies in his bubble butt... and isn't afraid to show it.

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  • bozzartxtc -

    It's been more than TWO MONTHS since this was posted--has Raphael disappeared into the ether like so many other one-time-stands? If you're not showing new product of him to lure us to Voyeurboys, either Mr. Donahue has realized that porn isn't the best way to become a legitimate actor or the marketing department at Voyeurboys is asleep at the wheel. Any comments?

  • Anthony -

    I got a voyeurboys membership after seeing this video but can't find any more of Raphael or Jonny Cox on that website (besides the videos already available of on GH)?

  • woogerwas -

    WOW! I'm considering canceling my account at GayHoopla and moving to VoyerBoys, just for Raphael Donahue. If you guys want THE SHOW: dancing, and oiling, and chat, stay with GayHoopla. If you wan the intimate, personal experience of viewing a hot stud truly letting go and showing a REAL orgasm, then follow Raphael Donahue at