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Home Videos Leonardo Accosi Loses Anal Virginity To Collin Simpson

Leonardo Accosi Loses Anal Virginity To Collin Simpson

 | views: 792581 6%

It all started with just a harmless blowjob... Leonardo "Leo" Acossi has always been a bit shy when it came to completely opening up sexually. He admits that he has had some curiosity about men, but just never really knew how to go about exploring them as a sexual option. Knowing this, we thought we would first offer Leo a blowjob from our most experienced stud in the stable, Collin Simpson. It seemed like a pretty good way for Leo to explore his curiosity. He had watched some footage of Collin giving head and the only reason why Leo was nervous was that he may cum too quickly is all! (Blowjob Scene Feat. Leo & Collin released June 4th, 2018). Long story short, Leo REALLY enjoyed the blowjob. In fact, he said it may have been the best BJ he has EVER had. This ignited Leo's curiosity and ultimately led to him CONTACTING US inquiring about doing his first anal scene with Collin. After the blowjob, these two are so comfortable with each other that it is only fitting. Once you see that familiar "Best I've Ever Had" blowjob look on Leo's face, you know that this virgin has been waiting far too long to get his anal cherry popped.

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  • CaveStu -

    Does this *** Leo ever respond to anything? I don't think he'd react if he was on fire.

  • Rollo4178 -

    I dreamed that collin fucked me too

  • kgmets -

    I joined Gay Hoopla earlier today, and the deciding factor was recently watching a preview of this scene. Leo is one smoking hot blond twink, and it made was a great scene to watch his virgin ass get fucked. Hope to see a lot more of Leo.

  • fivebucks -

    Leonardo is just beautiful- so happy he is back and getting sweet ass fucked hard. Hope you've got more plans for him!

  • Greko1203 -

    the boy was not a virgin, it is seen that he has extensive experience.

  • user5978user -

    Hoping Leo comes back to bottom more. A lot. He's awesome to look at. Just a gorgeous faced twink with a great package!

  • maringuy55 -

    Excellent work by all involved in putting this scene together. Of course our stars triggered cum shots all over the world with there scorching sucking and fucking. I think theres an honest chemistry between the two men and a sweetness.

  • popperdude05 -

    I love me some Collin! Leonard - wait and see. But good performance overall.