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Leo Woodman Chops His Tree!

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Leo Woodman's arms are made for choppin' and his cocks harder than a healthy oak! Our newest STUD starts out listening to some music and cleaning the kitchen. That morning wood just seems to be hitting different though and Leo has to take care of it! He takes a couple swings on the ole woody in the kitchen before moving it to the living area! Leo gets to work on that massive dick of his until.. Finally! That tree cums down! Now everyone knows how The Lumberjacked got his name!

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  • aF9QFGRidU -

    He should also taste his own cum next time ;)

  • aF9QFGRidU -

    Wish he had a OF

  • jarko23 -

    Forgot to mention Leo's incredible ass!! Great camera work at the beginning of his video!! Please do more of these kind of rear shots!!

  • member4jdmklRDOA2KCeRG -

    Yes, yes and yeeeeeeeeeess!!!!

  • jarko23 -

    Ouch, Leo is HOT!!!! Where did you find him?!?! Just wish you would have showed him with a natural and non-erect cock at the beginning of his video. You used to show your models all non-erect, but then you stopped!! Please bring those scenes back!!

  • harlanny -

    Brilliant! Fantastic Massive Jacked Hairy Muscle Beast! Real Talent!