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Home Videos Kyle Dean FUCKS a Fan

Kyle Dean FUCKS a Fan

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This contest received 61 contestants trying to get their shot at fucking one of our gorgeous GayHoopla Models. Lucky fanboy run4miles was our winner and chose the young missile dick stud, Kyle Dean. When run4miles first won the contest, he actually started to get cold feet. After we gave him a night to think it over, he decided to move forward with it. Kyle Dean was actually flattered when he found out he was chosen for the contest. Run4miles wouldn't stop complimenting Kyle on set, and definitely had a huge middle school crush. It was when he saw Kyle's dick in real life, he played the "virgin" card... "please be easy on me." We're not sure this was run4miles first time bottoming, but we're happy to inform you, Kyle did not take it easy. He pounded that thing until his own dick exploded. I think GayHoopla just made a fanboy's dream come true. We believe he will forever remember the day he met Kyle Dean and his big cock.


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  • kgmets -

    The fan does have a hot little ass perfect for fucking!

  • kgmets -

    Loved the plot of Kyle fucking a fan and taking his virgin ass. Nice fuck!

  • Dinornager93 -

    So fucking hot!

  • hot4u69 -

    i signed on to Flirt4Free and looked up Adam Wylde. That looks like him. No wonder he didn't act shy in front of the camera.

  • hot4u69 -

    Ok.. don't know what to say about this one. The guy said he was a virgin. I don't think so. "He rode that dick and then yelled, Fuck my Virgin Hole". I was expecting this shy but excited fan to be a bit nervous at the same time. He's not a virgin at all. He's either a hustler or a go go dancer who works the back room at the club. That's the feeling I got when I watched it. Now Kyle is cute as can be. Not my favorite but not bad

  • ZachUSA -

    Now I remember where I saw this fan... he was on VB and got fired... btw CB is the Chaturbate website

  • joel -

    Sorry but id rather fuck a woman. Kyle on the other hand... :)

  • RickParrish -

    I'm probably the only one who does know this but what does CB stand for?

  • trex -

    So at least one blog is reporting that run4miles is actually Flirt4Free model Adam Wylde.

  • Ben47 -

    Even though I would enjoy seeing Kyle suck dick and eat ass, if that were to soften his big hard dick or interfere with the current intensity, it would not be worth it to me.

  • Ben47 -

    Absolutely entertaining film and exceptionally hot. Run4miles picked the model he wanted and knew what the model does and does not do, so the scene should be evaluated for what was done and not for what was not done. For two guys who have never worked together before, I thought the chemistry was great and the action was intense.

  • trex -

    Well filmed, and I know run4miles supposedly picked Kyle, but it continues to be very unfortunate casting when you pair together an inexperienced bottom and an almost equally inexperienced top, especially when that top also will not suck cock or eat ass. If this really was run4miles first time--which I doubt--it was very unfortunate--for him and the members--that his partner failed to properly eat out his ass before fucking him. Kyle needs to start eating ass or lay back and put his legs up in the air.

  • pudge37 -

    Good show. No skimping on anything. Really satisfying all the way through. I do hope to see Kyle do a BJ one of these days however.

  • devlovingit -

    Great video however and I hope I don't get in trouble for this but not sure that fan contest was fair think about it. They asked for pics from fans who applied so they knew what everyone looked liked upon choosing so not sure everyone's name was entered into the raffle or just the guys who fit their criteria. Take a look at the winner he looks just like the rest of the gayhoopla guys (coincidence) what? Also I don't think he is new to porn he looks really familiar.

  • ZachUSA -

    I swear I have seen that "amateur" before on cam...sure he wasn't in CB before.... and "virgin" I don't think so at all

  • odinnot -

    nice good,good to see run4miles get fuck.wow kyle eat his cum.

  • pudge37 -

    Maybe the first time fucked on cam (and it' looks like Kyle fucked him properly), but that ass appears to have been around the block before. Makes for an entertaining show!