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Home Videos Ken Ott Gets Tag-Teamed!

Ken Ott Gets Tag-Teamed!

 | views: 785663 8%

It was finals week for Ken Ott's local college and he had to really get some cramming in. Already stressed, anxious, and tired, Ken was completely distracted with Phillip Anadarko just laughing his happy big ass off at the TV. After several times asking Phillip to nicely shut his mouth, Phillip came over to rub Ken's neck. Phillip understood how much stress and pressure Ken was dealing with at the moment, so decided he'd just blow him. Ken obviously could use a release because now both heads were throbbing. Phillip decides he wants to take it to the next level and grabs Ken by the hand and pulls him into the room. "Pull your pants down Ken, I'm fucking you." Phillip starts fucking Ken until he squirts and moans. Just when Ken thinks it's his turn, Phillip pushed him back onto the bed and said,"You ain't going anywhere you little nerd, I'm getting Max." Max Summerfield comes strolling in and demands Ken blow him. Max then throws Ken's punk ass on the bed and decides to drill his man hole. Ken begins to scream loud words of poetry. Ohhhh... Ahhh... Ohhhh....Uhhhh. Ken's tired of being the little hoe so he jumps on top of Max's cock. After a few different positions, Ken's fat booty can't handle anymore. Max couldn't help but bursting all over Ken's smooth tight ass. After a final kiss Ken was ready to finally get off himself, problem is... Max thought he should get back to work and gave him a good ole bitch slap across the face. Needless to say, Ken needs to get back to work. He's got finals tomorrow.

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  • kgmets -

    Hot scene of college student Ken cramming for finals and getting a study break of Phillip's massage leading to a butt fuck. Instead of flipping for Ken, Phillip passes Ken's hot ass on to Max for more pounding. What a study break!

  • rmorse21 -

    Ken Ott is hot as hell. More! More!

  • HotJock69 -

    Ken Ott is steamy red hot--what a hunk

  • kittyjoe1 -

    Ken will be a great bottom. I would also love to see him top one of the guys. Phillip and Max were great as well. Wish they had helped Ken get off.

  • dont_talk_about -

    Why is Ken not being fucked while he is working at his laptop ?

  • nyny1010 -

    Max is a monster--huge stud with enormous muscle dick. Also hot when Phillip was slamming Ken. Ken is hot bottom but he needs more experience so he can be a power muscle bottom. Was hot hearing him moan with pleasure, though. Hope he remembers that day as one of his luckiest ever.

  • Robert18 -

    I agree bad camera work would much preferred to see ken's smooth power butt than the other guys spotty flabby arses. I can never understand why the guys in these scenes won't let the other guy jack them off till they cum ?

  • Anubis06 -

    how Lucky is ken .... the most beautiful men of the site fucked him

  • kapukane -

    Hate the behind the scenes clips, ruins the whole fantasy. No need for it......scene needed more passion/kissing and better oral scenes.

  • Robert18 -

    it's hot seeing Ken getting fucked in the arse but the other 2 guy looked really rough compared to Ken. Thought it was funny when Ken let the cat of the bag at the end with " It was OK I've never done that before" Der your Profile says Bisexual. Looking the way he does and never kissed, blown or fucked ? please be honourest we know what your doing and why your doing it. I've only see 1 video where the guys really got into it and that's great.

  • roger888 -

    Ken is pretty dang hot. Getting fucked by 2 guys, and sucking 1. heaven! Can't wait to see him get rimmed. Hopefully.

  • djlove -

    I bought a membership to see this specifically and while its a bit disappointing. I understand Ken is a new model, but the whimpering and and looking away is off putting and uncomfortable to watch. hoping the acting gets better. to not show ken with a hard dick or cumming is a real crime.

  • hot4u69 -

    at the end when Max slapped Ken, i fell over laughing. I thought this was a good story line and i enjoyed it. I agree that Ken should have gotten hard and had a cum shot as well. But i didn't like how max came our of his room hard as a rock and ready to fuck. Max is great

  • Loopster -

    Quite alright. But again, the oral parts are almost pathetic. lol All and all, fap-worthy. lol

  • bluclu -

    Sorry about misspelling new and not capitalizing Ken and I am a

  • bluclu -

    Would agree that it would b hotter if ken were 2 get hard and cum, but give the guys a break, they r not gay porn stars, just regular guys and we should be appreciative and supportive of their efforts. The site is relatively knew and deserves some patience and understanding as it and the models grow and develop.

  • ph3632936 -

    Ken doesn't cum!!! Bummer Kind of boring...and a lot of straight boy fake. Still hot...but

  • bfychiguy14 -

    I really wanted to like this one. Hot, muslced hung cast and all... But this was unconfortably stiff and disconnected. The kissing was at best forced, the sex was as phony as two Ken dolls entangled and as stiff. I am sorry, this was a disapointment. If you are going to make gay porn with straight guys, at least pay them to act.

  • pudge37 -

    Mildly disappointing. Total lack of emotion in the couplings (except for discomfort). Ken never gets hard or cums. Photography and editing not very good.

  • bluclu -


  • locw2014 -

    would like to see Ken get fucked and facial! HOT!!!

  • napscoordinator -

    Nice! Hot video!!!

  • gaymat -

    fucking sexy

  • sfodeeps -

    Yes! Ken Ott is the reason I joined this site and the reason I've stayed.

  • Crummy49 -

    This is just what I wanted to see from Ken Ott !

  • pudge37 -

    Whew! Scorching!