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Kellan Hartmann, Price Hogan, and Rico Vega Hook Up

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Can you ever really prepare yourself for something like this? Three all-stars, one super hot, INTENSE scene. Allow us to present to you, Price Hogan, Rico Vega, & our new super stud, that you have all been waiting and BEGGING for, Kellan Hartmann. These guys truly held nothing back and they put it all out there for us all to enjoy. No acting here, just three hot young men enjoying experimentation in their youth. The passion and intensity between is undeniable.

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  • aZZYFP95QW -

    one of the best scenes

  • Jeff5422 -

    I would love to be fucked by kellan hartmann he is sexy as fuck

  • marlon0125 -

    Can you post all the extra shots and behind the scenes for this videos on secret menu? This might be really interesting.

  • sable14 -

    more of price & rico please, Kellan?? I do not know.

  • jtennis6 -

    Price continues to be king in these scenes. The pounding he takes in the bathroom is incredible. He just looks so beautiful taking a dick!

  • iamdfierce -

    Kellan is still trying to get the vibe of gay sex. His cock is rock hard when he's doing a bitch, he'll get the hang of it. ;)

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    all we need now is the DP Big D you need to get right on that... lol

  • Gonzo50 -

    I mistook Kellian for a crew member--most of the time he was just sitting there with a limp dick.

  • cwDQpMafaf -

    yeah... that was hot as hell.

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    director has improved 10 fold , keep up the great work

  • popperdude05 -

    I don't get the negative comments? (and I don't usually read them anyway) but HOLY FUCK YEAH!!! A+ boys A+

  • pje82151 -

    Really? Technically, it's quite an improvement over the older stuff; the lighting was excellent and there were some creative angles used. But Kellan was a total bust; his dick never got hard. Let's hope future scenes will improve upon this.

  • coolcoolboy -

    So disappointing. I don't get why Kellan is the face of the "new" GH.. Yes, he looks great, but if this scene is any indication, he is not in the same league as Price, Rico, James, Josh, London, or Collin. Feeling misled on the re-up.

  • ryryguy -

    i’m obsessed with kellan’s feet. more closeups please.

  • Gonzo50 -

    So, this is the NEW Gay Hoopla, huh? Limp dicks, bad camera work and technical difficulties. Still waiting to see the whole scene

  • kgmets -

    Lots of hard jock ass slapping in this scene. Then teen Price gets fucked first by Kellen, then by Rico, then by Kellen again with Kellen taking two cocks as well and only Rico unfucked at the end of the scene. Very hot!

  • wfDM4UNup29Y -

    alot of reviews have been negative however there were some hot sex at times.

  • hot4u69 -

    Kellan needs to be in a one on one video with Collin. Someone needs to be able to get Kellans dick hard and Collin is the only one.

  • hot4u69 -

    After going to be disappointed, I came back today yo watch it again to see if I missed anything. In the threesome standing up, Laying down or in bathroom it’s all shot from the side. And kellans dick is never hard or shot with penetration. ( boring)

  • bethel1973 -

    Just have to add my two cents to the previous comments. Bad scene. Kellan just does not belong here. He is about as gay as a telephone pole. leave him out.

  • pudgely -

    It's obvious Kellan is not into gay sex (limp dicks tell no lies), but gave it the old college try. Perhaps some day he'll get to love it, as we all do. But nice to just ogle three beautiful men.

  • tahwaloof2 -

    who films a threesome from the tops back where the top is blocking both the bottom, the other guy and the fucking... i dont know if there could be a worst angle...

  • hot4u69 -

    I wanted to see Kellan’s hard dick. I watched it a couple of times but never saw it. I was hoping the guys would have worshipped kellans big dick by sucking it nice and slow. I guess I wanted more of Kelllan.

  • Gonzo50 -

    Only the first seven minutes have been available for viewing but if they are a harbinger of the last fourteen, it will be a big disappointment. All of the passionate audibles don't square with the limp dicks. Only Rico shows any erection

  • barringtonorre -

    3/3 Rico, you really tried to carry this scene, solid thumbs up for following production queues, however, this scene did not do you justice

  • barringtonorre -

    2/3 Price, bless his heart, he really tries to commit to the scene and provide the best, however, his scene partners let him down

  • barringtonorre -

    sorry but this was a bad scene, not only did everything looked forced, but you can tell it is forced. Kellan; never got hard, and when he did you could see the jump cut transition to reincorporate back into the scene 1/3

  • tahwaloof2 -

    sorry but that was a bad scene..

  • Basilthefish -


  • OfficialLaEl -


  • OfficialLaEl -

    Sorry For Issues! Tech Is working on getting this fixed ASAP!

  • Golf766 -

    Video not working right

  • bossmanalpha -

    this live stream shit gotta go...new director cool, new camera angles cool, but all this glitching aint cool or shortening the video...we waited for this shit... smh

  • hkycum -

    Live stream here as well. Tried to Safari and Firefox. Same with both. Very slow to load and very choppy as well.

  • Bryanbold -

    Y’all they’re probably working really hard to fix it right now. Just relaaax and stay updated with their Twitter. They’ll notify us when it’s completely fixed :)

  • fivebucks -

    Streaming video is not working-and i've got my cock in my hand ready to go!!!!

  • Jdc232 -

    Same is happening to me too. Live steam only gets me about 14 minutes for some reason.

  • Mikemercyyy -

    No sure what happened but I’m getting a live stream video and only plays a portion of the video.

  • peggy13 -

    Excited to see Kellan in action with other guys and all three guys look great, especially Price with his amazing tan lines. But, if this is the new production crew, gotta say the camera work is just awful throughout this video.

  • VYQgcsuCR1NN -

    No video mates 😊

  • jameswg -

    Video isn't working?

  • Ttopher -

    Are there any photos with this HOT video ?

  • maringuy55 -

    whats the deal??????

  • bluehippo89 -

    Streaming video isn't working, but you can see it if you download... well worth it

  • joeguy50 -

    Video not working

  • bluehippo89 -

    Very hot video, Rico being the uncut meat between two cut pieces of bread! Only thing missing was footage of actual penetration. Kellan has also muscled up nicely since we saw him last. Rico is showing he is an awesome versatile performer... love him

  • odinnot -

    video not working

  • pismo33 -

    So hot! Kellan looks better than ever! Can't wait for the full video!

  • joshcruz87 -

    So excited.

  • Littlej -

    Christmas has come early! Kellan is heaven on earth. 😍