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Kellan Hartmann FUCKS Snow Bunny Collin Simpson

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Kellan Hartmann and his big dick got a taste of some man ass and simply needed more. Collin Simpson was next in line and welcomed Kellan's horse cock. Collin has become increasingly curious about STRETCHING his anal limits. In his private time, Collin has been raising the bar with his anal stretching practices. Sometimes he will work up to his biggest buttplug and then go run some errands around town for a few hours. Next time you see a young hunk standing in line at the bank, just know that there could be a giant plug up his tight ass as he smiles and greets you. :) Collin's diligent stretching exercises come in handy for this encounter. He was pushed to his absolute limit and Kellan loved opening Collin up to a full gaping hole. These two studs take things to another level. Enjoy coming along for this ride.

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  • marlon0125 -

    Can you post all the extra shots and behind the scenes for this videos on secret menu? This might be really interesting.

  • dpowell1953 -

    Really enjoying more body hair on Collin. It's a good look for him.

  • hot4u69 -

    had to watch it again because i love these guys. I just wish the camera man was right in there with the penetration shots. But he was too far away like a spectator. I still love these guys, I just hope that one camera man is gone.

  • hot4u69 -

    Better than the 3 way video. Love how Collin sucked Kellans dick. The cameraman is still afraid of Kellans ass for some reason. We got one closeups of Kellans ass. Thanks for that. Keep kellan in 1on 1’s sex scenes. More of Kellans ass please.

  • arielanatatole -

    Well that was incredibly stupid. punished for being having to work. Seriously. Why should I have to wait. When all these others have had access to the scene? What was the point of upgrading with this type of customer service.

  • butch1910 -

    Wow! That was HOT! More of Kellan, please! He just exudes sexy masculinity, gay or straight!

  • Green5788 -

    Why isn't the full video out for people to download? When I download what is on the site it is only a 2:22 video . Are you all going to post the full video on the site to be downloaded?

  • adrian9800 -

    Is that real fake? Around 17-18 min

  • skies82 -

    Most of the time he is not even inside him. Fake fucking which is obvious around 17 / 18 mins .

  • coolcoolboy -

    Will you be adding smaller downloadable files for phone and tablet, please? Right now the 1080p is the only file available for download. Thx.

  • cmcnichol -

    Kellan wasn’t hard until the very end. Lame.

  • pismo33 -

    Awesome scene! So hot!!!

  • pje82151 -

    Kellan looked great and came well; Collin looked bloated (lay off the steroids) and came his usual thimball-sized amount. The production values were better, so I assume this was the new director's work.

  • hot4u69 -

    I can't wait to see this. I love Collin and always have and from the first video of Kellan i've followed his videos. He is great in Hotguysfuck. I love his hairy ass but he seems to have shaved everything for some reason. Can't wait

  • bethel1973 -

    For me, the jury is still OUT on Kellan's credible gay image. He also needs to let the hair grow back around his anus and his butt - looked more masculine previously.

  • letsbefriends -

    its only up from here for kellan well done