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Home Videos Justin Sharp Serves up a Meat Lovers Solo in the Kitchen

Justin Sharp Serves up a Meat Lovers Solo in the Kitchen

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Fresh out of the gym, Justin Sharp just got home and realized none of his boys are there right now. His body's pumped full of testosterone from his massive leg day he just hit and the temptation to whip his fat juicy cock out is too much to resist. Before he can even make it to his room, Justin's pulling his dick out, pressing his ass against the counter as he starts stroking his grade A meat. His hormones begin to rage as he hops on the counter and starts beating his meat in the most fitting place in the house. Justin's urges lead him to hump the kitchen Island before moving to a more comfortable room to finish the job. After draining himself out in the most public areas of his house, Justin snaps out of his trance and realizes he needs to clean up quick... Time to shower!

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