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Home Videos Josh Farve Passionately Fucks Baron Wade

Josh Farve Passionately Fucks Baron Wade

 | views: 737702 6%

Josh Farve and Baron Wade make one hell of a pair. The looks, the bodies, the cocks... what else do you need? How about the genuine passion that pours out on the screen? We figured you wouldn't mind taking that as well ;) What is so hot about watching two young men exploring each other and really taking their time to enjoy every moment? Or is the answer to that pretty self explanatory... Whatever the case, Josh and Baron are amazing. On and off camera. The cool thing is, what you see on your screen is how they really are in their every day lives. Two down to earth, kind, easy going boys that are open minded and really down for whatever. How fantastic is that? It doesn't get any better!

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  • jaro1190 -

    Josh rules - especially on bottom! I think he genuinely likes the ass-tention!

  • kgmets -

    After all three of his scene partner videos taking it up his teen age wrestler butt (although in fairness the first one was a flip flop), Josh is strictly the top in this one fucking Baron in his first scene. Well done boys!

  • bethel1973 -

    Wow !

  • jameswg -


  • harlanny -

    Baron is one hot dude, more please!

  • dpf2102 -

    Josh is such a cutie. I want to bake him a pie.

  • pudgely -

    mmmm - very real sex. Luvvvin' it.

  • EELdBpnnan3u -

    Josh is lucky too, as Baron is very hot!

  • letsbefriends -

    barons a lucky guy