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Home Videos Jonas Drift And Roman Tate FLIP-FLOP FUCK

Jonas Drift And Roman Tate FLIP-FLOP FUCK

 | views: 760163 3%

Jonas Drift's first scene today... with Roman Tate. He's a bit nervous about it, but Roman and Jonas have been hanging out for a couple days, so the guys are already comfortable with each other. That's always the magic ingredient in a good scene. The guys haven't just walked onto a set and met each other, they've been hanging out, staying at the same house and getting to be "Bros" before a dick goes in a butt. After just a bit of kissing, Roman pulls off Jonas' pants and a big hard dick pops out in his face. Jonas doesn't take any time to start telling him how he likes his dick sucked. Jonas has a smooth, ripped body but we get a bit of a glimpse of his hairy pits. It's not long before Jonas wants some dick and he's down on his knees getting off Roman's pants. Roman is in that "hanging heavy" stage but 10 seconds in Jonas' mouth, and he's at full mast. If Jonas is still nervous... we can't tell.

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  • BiTommy26 -

    Another fake cumshot in the mouth.

  • ncbored -

    Looks like Jonas had some problems? - topped only briefly (judging by the editing) & struggled with bottoming.

  • kgmets -

    Talk about getting carried away during the heat of the scene, Jonas, who was supposed to be the only top, would up getting his anal cherry popped and virgin ass fucked. That's what I call getting into the flow of the scene.

  • Maringuy55 -

    BelAmi Freshman is out the door, down the hall 2nd door on your left...

  • Maringuy55 -


  • isNQvUMqbi -

    Need more of Roman

  • bethel1973 -

    Great video! Two very sweet models.

  • jGt1Jh2eSc -

    i love roman

  • pudgy37 -

    Always love to see first-timers, especially if they really enjoyed. Makes me relive my first time. Bravo guys!