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Home Videos Jimmy Bona Speechless After Derek Jones FUCKS Him

Jimmy Bona Speechless After Derek Jones FUCKS Him

 | views: 740551 3%

I know a lot of people don't like videos "OUT OF ORDER" but this was Jimmy Bona's first scene ever! We had to prep him before his monster cock taking debut with Cole Money. Jimmy actually requested Derek Jones to be first, because they only live 15 minutes from each other in the states. It made Jimmy almost feel like he was at home and could maybe even score some dick at a later time if he liked it. According to Jimmy, Derek left him tongue-tied. He couldn't have imagined that the beast, Derek Jones, would literally have him lost for words. Derek really took the time to fuck Jimmy's fat ass properly. Our favorite part of the video is actually when Jimmy was riding Derek and had his ass spread out like angel wings. Derek filled Jimmy up until his very first cum-shot ever with a dick inside of him. Our camera's were so close into the action, that you could see the little small hairs in Jimmy's wet hole. Jimmy Bona was speechless.

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  • odinnot -

    if you get jimmy back,i would love to see him & sean do flip-flop,checkout & compare each other ass,maybe rim each,show good view of ass while getting fuck

  • browley -

    Well done Jimmy! A beautiful video, and physique.

  • pudge37 -

    Good one! Derek's the man! And jimmy's a natural bottom, whether he knew it or not. Why else was he endowed with that awesome ass (and it was well spotlighted here.)? I do hope you have both of them lined up for others they haven't teamed up with.

  • Rancher -

    I sure loved "Dirty D's" nasty talk!

  • Loopster -

    I was really hoping that, that ass was Adam McBride's. Dang it!

  • pb94301 -

    Bona's ass is magnificent. I hope this video actually showcases it (the Cole Money scene really did not). Please match Bona with Sean Costin!! Sean would rim Bona and have him begging.

  • pudge37 -

    This one looks great (I hope!)

  • tommytum -

    wow...just wow, 2 of my favourite guys from the site together, and more of jimmy bottoming....love it!