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Jimmy Bona BOTTOMS And Takes FACIAL From Max Summerfield

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We wanted to just have an ordinary fuck sesh, but Jimmy Bona was persistent on taking a giant load to the face. After Max Summerfield hate fucked the shit out of his big masculine ass, Jimmy wanted to try Max Summerfield's new facial product. After Jimmy let it glaze on his face for awhile, his skin was glowing. Max enjoyed playing the dominate role over our muscle ass Jimmy loves himself a facial Bona.

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  • Qrj8j8fyWU -

    Why does this video cut short and only shows a 1 minute for members? Please fix it.

  • griffrag13626 -

    Jimmy Bona is hot in all your videos, he does wrestling videos for a wrestling website now and goes by another name on another website.

  • pudge37 -

    Looks goooooood! GayHoopla has advanced to the premiere go-to gay site!

  • tommytum -

    wow just wow, great videos release this week, but this is the scene I been waiting for a long time! glad to see both Max and JImmy back in hardcore scenes. Please have more