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Home Videos Jerry Cabrera's 1st Gay FUCK with Sebastian Hook

Jerry Cabrera's 1st Gay FUCK with Sebastian Hook

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Over the last month Jerry Cabrera has become one of my favorites. Always has a smile on his face and ever since his solo he's had numerous questions as to how our sex films work. He told me that he's never fucked anyone in the ass but he's fantasized about it for years. "Watching someone really be able to take a dick in their ass is just hot as hell to me!" "It makes me cum harder and faster than anything else!" I wanted to get him back immediately to let him explore what it was like to bury his uncut dick into a nice ass. The first person that came to mind for Jerry to explore his curiosities with was Sebastian Hook. Sebastian can take a dick like no one else. It's like he was made for it, with his cute tight little butt cheeks. They both began to bond over a favorite video game and before you know it, Jerry was balls deep making what he'd always thought about, reality.

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  • danvtr5 -

    Kudos to Jerry for commenting! It's awesome to see you reply since you do have the inside information! I think too many times, the models just shoot and forget whom they shot with and how it went. Its great that you recall such details of the shoot! Thanks!

  • bluehippo89 -

    And a star is born!!! Jerry is a born natural in front of the camera! Look forward to many more shoots!! Love the banter.

  • trojan62 -

    Anytime a thug like Sebastian Hook gets the fuck he richly deserves, that always works. In fact, all the guys with ink on your site should be routinely fucked. Double and triple penetrated in fact. If you are into self destructive behavior like that, you should punished regularly. After all, you're asking for it.

  • jerry -

    The scene where Sebastian is on top of me with his hands on my wrist is actually SUPER funny behind the scenes because the camera guys were taking pictures of us making eye contact and I kept making funny faces to see if Sebastian could hold a serious face which he couldn't 95% of the time lol

  • danvtr5 -

    Hopefully the finished product is better. When Sebastian is riding Jerry and is saying he is about to cum, Jerry is turning his head back and forth as if to avoid any stray shots. And when Sebastian says "say my name" and then has to remind Jerry that his name is Sebastian...that was pretty amusing.

  • griffrag13626 -

    hot but would loved to have seen it as a flip flop, thanks

  • pudge37 -

    Looks dam hot!