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Home Videos Jeremy Barker Unleashes the Beast on Dustin Hazel's Hole

Jeremy Barker Unleashes the Beast on Dustin Hazel's Hole

 | views: 1131537 4%

Two superstars, one top, and one bottom. Jeremy Barker, can pound some SERIOUS hole. He nearly made Dustin Hazel tap out, but instead these two had some hot sex that left us all speechless. They were moving in harmony. Something so erotic with this awesome pairing!


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  • eatmyathleteass -

    seriously — and i am not joking — this is exactly how i fuck. /pound/ it, baby!

  • eatmyathleteass -

    seriously — and u am not joking — this is exactly how i fuck. pound it, baby!

  • Maringuy58 -

    These two gentlemen fall under the UBER model category. Dustin is so handsome and loves a good fuck and who better to deliver than the great HAF Jeremy. Jeremy oozes sex in every way, so handsome, the dude in *** school or the service you fantasized about ***ht after ***ht. I have such respect for Jeremy for bravely expanding his sexual horizons full stop and realizing the complete sexual fulfillment one can achieve when you allow yourself to be true and be free.. And boy what a sight to see his beautiful rock hard shaft plow a very satisfied partner. Bravo.

  • nova48 -

    Dustin as always does great, What I like about gayhoopla is to see progression in the guys. Jeremy with Chase shows that in spades.

  • Hot4U1969 -

    we've all heard the term "Power Bottom", Jeremy Barker is a "Power Top". He is cute as hell and he puts 100 percent into his craft. He has a cute ass as well. Keep it up Jeremy

  • Kayaker6 -

    Jeremy is fuk'n amazing and sexy as hell! I could jo to him fucking 24/7!!

  • Tylrmd60 -

    Dustin is awesome ? Jeremy is progressing beautifully!

  • mwsutt0n -

    Excellent ! Well shot and edited with great performers. Thank you.

  • jake238 -

    This was HOT AF! GREAT bj by dustin! Very intense fucking by Jeremy and it was nice to see great views of his meaty hairy ass! Love seeing his booty in motion! AMAZING bottoming by Dustin! Not surprising! Dustin is easily one of the GREATEST in GH history because he's sexy and he's an impeccable performer! Might I add that it was VERY VERY nice to see so many positions including the missionary and spoon-fucking with Dustin laying on his side!!! GREAT update!

  • trex9123 -

    Jeremy's refusal to suck a cock or rim his partner seriously detracts from what could have been a really good clip.

  • RUPERT770 -

    These two guys are a perfect match an fact its easy to get to get divine pleasure from their super sexual reciprocity and shear professionalism Hmmmmm