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Home Videos Jeremy Barker Goes Where NO Man Has Gone Before... Up Canelo's Butt

Jeremy Barker Goes Where NO Man Has Gone Before... Up Canelo's Butt

 | views: 1452992 2%

We've seen Canelo hook up with guys before but he didn't want to suck dick and he didn't want to bottom. But... today Jeremy flashed him that smile and said he REALLY wanted to fuck Canelo... and Canelo rolled over and took it. This wasn't just Canelo's first time sucking dick and bottoming, it was Jeremy's First Time having sex with another guy. Oh and Canelo blew a big load while he was still getting fucked... we just might have a new power bottom....

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  • onerealdude -

    These two are so fine and sexy as hell.. you can tell Canelo really was into Jeremy, so hot ... I would love to see Jeremy take a nice phat cock up that beautiful alpha ass... this scene gets a 10 for intense fire sign heat chemistry!

  • weezel9 -

    I would love to see Jeremy with a dick up his ass

  • lakewood14 -

    Great scene- love both these guys, want more of both, much more.

  • kgmets -

    Jeremy's first time with a dude and Canelo's first time taking it up the butt. Recipe for a great gay porn scene!

  • jake238 -

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Y'all hit the jackpot with Canelo!!! P.S. I'm beyond happy to see Jeremy here at GH!! Thanks for all Jeremy booty closeups! His booty deserves so much more recognition! Also, happy to see more Canelo booty as always! These hunks are a couple of GEMS!! <3

  • jake238 -

    WOOOO!!! 10/10!!! The chemistry! The booties! The muscles! The passion! This scene is AMAZING! Canelo ALWAYS performs exceptionally well! Jeremy was AWESOME in this scene!!!! I LOVED every second of this vid!! Its hard to pic a favorite part because the whole scene was SO ENJOYABLE! But when Canelo was giving Jeremy that "superhero bj" (thats the nickname I'm calling it :P) which was when he was sucking him while rubbing his hole and Jeremy had his leg back. Man that was sooo HOT! Y'all just keep raising the bar! Easily one of my FAVORITE GH vids EVER!!! Great job everyone!!! (models, cameramen, producers, etc.!) P.S. I LOVE the GH Experience! :-)

  • LikesGuys -

    First time sucking dick? I don't think so. Canelo was really into it and I loved watching him enjoy that dick! Jeremy is hot, but he's a performer, no passion - same in his straight videos. Still, Canelo made it a great scene.

  • BailyAdam -

    He’s a good bottom, Jeremy is fun as usual