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Jeff Niels's 1st-time Bottoming For Dmitry Dickov

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Dmitry the Destroyer is at it again; this time with new recruit, Jeff. Fortunately, Jeff can handle an enormous cock, even though it's his first time, and takes really well. As Jeff bounces Dmitry deeper and deeper into his ass, their moans sync and a massive cum shot is released all over Jeff's back.

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  • roidedhugehornyi -

    Im suprised a horny muscle tank like Jeff who gets pussy as easy as I usually do only had ro chicks. We fuck that many chicks on Spring Breaks.

  • Borpat61 -

    Was this Jeff’s first with Dmitry or his first with Max? Cherry lost here or there?

  • popperdude05 -

    "Jeff. Fortunately, Jeff can handle an enormous cock, even though it's his first time, and takes really well. " HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHA

  • popperdude05 -

    This is embarrassed for you guys. If you want to slap your site with a "HARDCORE SEX" banner then have HARDCORE SEX. Not this vanilla "I'll stick it in until it's a wee bit uncomfortable" crap.

  • unprovocateur -

    super LAME

  • pasdeduke -

    His dick didn't even go all the way in

  • 829smtw5 -

    jeff is one hot stud. he is perfect and stunning

  • jokehb -

    How can I rate a video which only plays for a few seconds and freezes???? This apparently applies t all of the videos!!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT OF A MEMBERSHIP.....How do I clear this up if not I will have to CANCEL!!!!!!

  • Sylvain -

    Jeff is Handsome! Dmitry is ..... WONDERFUL X♥X♥

  • pudge37 -

    Good job! Best yet! Jeff was an amazing, enthusiastic first-timer. Thanks for not skimping on the actual hardcore. Loved the extended kissing, blowjobs & fucking. And loved that Dmitry was totally involved this time, as evidenced by the moans and groans. The final sexy & lighthearted kaffee klatsch was a hoot. 5 stars!

  • iceman1204 -

    Great video Jeff is hot.

  • dross1705 -

    I hope you guys have Jeff back!!! He did a great job :)

  • monklife -

    Great scene! It's quite clear the reasoning behind selecting Jeff. Dmitry is quickly becoming one of my favorites, such a powerhouse. Thanks for a scene well done.

  • showmemuscle -

    Jeff should be the top next time!

  • paul* -


  • danthebigone -

    Want to sit on me???? Perfect!!!!! lol

  • cutedude -

    Keep it cumming with hot straight studs like Jeff. His ass is so fuck-worthy that it's great to see how open he is about taking it. From the preview at the end of his solo vid, it looks like he did stuff with multiple guys which is hot!

  • napscoordinator -

    Release this now. God this is so hot. I love both Dmitry and Jeff. Again thank you so much for the site. Are you sure we have to suffer until May 19th? lol.

  • dross1705 -

    Looks hot!!! Also, lol at the end :)

  • divadhens -

    omfg hope this is not his first time bottom! love dmitry but like, that's just way to big a dick to be taking right out of the gate! Looks hot though!