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Jay Tate Is Here To Try A Few New Things!

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Jay Tate's on set today with an open mind and he's ready to try some new things for the camera! Jay was a little hesitant at first to finger himself but once he got into it, he said FUCK IT! He decided to go for it and judging by his reaction, this won't be the last time he does it. We love when we can show our new guys a new kink! Jay beats that grade-A meat until he busts a huge load all over his shredded core! This time, there was no hesitation. Jay scooped up some of that love juice and took a big taste! This one may not be his thing though... Oh well, more for us!

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  • FootMan16 -

    Jay Tate is such a sexy italian stud!!

  • st33lr0dme -

    I can see Jay Tate becoming a classic hit with gayhoopla!

  • RusticNailFucker -

    Casting has been on point recently, these newbies are next level

  • LeviHoola -

    Been loving these long uncut cocks recently!

  • IcarusRising -

    Very hot dude

  • ZachUSA -

    Thank you so much for having more uncut cocks on your sites... this one is super nice...may I have a taste???

  • Buffaloraider45685 -

    Would love to see him bottom