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Home Videos Jason Keys & Michael Evans FUCK

Jason Keys & Michael Evans FUCK

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Jason showed up here a few weeks ago for a cam show, when he got here I was editing some photos of Michael Evans, the first words out of his mouth were "Holy shit, that guy has a huge ass!" He joked about how he'd bend that over and tear it up if he ever had the chance. Jason said he had a thing for dominating huge asses. I knew Michael was coming out in a few weeks so I figured, what the hell, let's give Jason what he wants. A few weeks later they were here sitting on the couch in front of me, Jason was grinning ear to ear, a bit nervous but ready to fuck! Jason fucks him pretty hard and finally makes Michael bust all over his stomach. When Michael finally catches his breath he throws Jason's legs up in the air and fingers him hard until blows a big load all over himself. We love it when our models make special requests!

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  • Hot4U1969 -

    I'm glad you are re-releasing an old video from 7 years ago.. I love Michael Evans and this was when Jason was cute

  • hot4u69 -

    This video is all about one of the hottest asses on this site and a all around sexy man Michael Evans. Michael is really cute and needs more air time. I've always loved his body and this video lets you get up and close with his sexy ass.

  • danvtr5 -

    Trex...totally agree with all you said. I will add the fingering also could have been filmed a bit better as it was a great idea to end the scene with that instead of the typical flip/flop. And the pubes issue....you nailed it head on. Why oh why do these guys do it? Michael, who has great natural body hair just looks ridiculous with the way his were shaven. Such a shame....

  • asslover6565 -

    omg love the ass in gym shorts part in the beginning!!

  • trex -

    Thanks for including rimming, lots of rimming. "A" for effort for that but you still don't know how to film rimming; most of it was even out of focus, which is pretty basic. Michael's big ass looked great getting fucked. Good work there too; but how could you essentially miss Michael's "cumshot," if that's really what it was? Finally, what will it take to get out the message to the model's that shaving their pubes is unacceptable and just looks terrible?

  • pudge37 -

    Very good scene. Kissing, BJs & rimming all very authentic-looking & Jason gave Michael's beautiful ass a thorough fucking. You still have to work on matching the audio in all the shots (a minor complaint considering the quality of the actual sex going on.) Didn't quite capture Michael's cum shot, but Jason's got a good spotlight.

  • Rancher -

    How was that a "Flip Flop?" Michael got fucked by Jason's cock, and Jason got fingered.

  • danvtr5 -

    Looks hot, but what happened to Michael's pubes?? It just looks odd with the other hair in the area still intact.

  • pudge37 -

    This one looks very promising - some genuine interaction.

  • asslover467 -

    Michael is the hottest guy on this site!! Hope to see him on cam more

  • coolcoolboy -

    Not expecting a bottom-only scene from Michael. A total win!