Home Videos Jason Key's 1st TIME w/a GUY. Jaden Storm Makes Him Feel Comfortable.

Jason Key's 1st TIME w/a GUY. Jaden Storm Makes Him Feel Comfortable.

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Who better to break in Jason in than Jaden, his housemate. After a few strokes on the green, they become far more interested in stroking one another and move inside a nearby cabana. There Jason sucks a cock for the first time, and he's lucky enough to have that cock be Jaden's. Reciprocating, Jaden is determined to show off some of his experience, and he soon has Jason deep in his mouth. Jason's moans tell all as one of the most anticipated GayHoopla pairings heats up each and every member.

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  • kgmets -

    As a hot horny 18 year old doing his first gay porn scene swapping blow jobs, Jason was probably thinking "I can't believe that I am being paid for this!"

  • kgmets -

    Nice intro to gay porn blow job!

  • HotJock69 -

    Man, wow, was that ever hot---you can't go wrong with Jason and Jaden for a steamy scene. More of them, please.

  • bfychiguy14 -

    Ten minutes??? Not enough.

  • Limerick69 -

    Nice scene. Next time, Jason needs a thorough fucking!

  • parkerlewis32 -

    i wish jaden would do more than oral

  • jb1701 -

    Amazing guys that was so hot!!!

  • dross1705 -

    Not bad for a first time :)

  • hrnypup2 -

    What a great adventure for Jason. Watching the chipping / putt putt golf champ take his virginity! Indeed Jason shows he was nervous but that is the attraction, isn't it? Jaden demonstrates confidence and proves to be a fine mentor. His hidden Dr Love leaps to the surface! This was a clearly a fun video as we get to watch Jason keep eyeing the camera while enjoying the mouth of the master. I agree seeing Jaden cum would have been icing on the cake.

  • jackrd3 -

    Two beautiful guys in a beautiful scene.

  • pudge37 -

    That was fun. And contrary to some doubters, judging by body language, it really looked like that was Jason's first time. Welcome to a whole new world, Jason! If my first had been Jaden it probably would have made my first time much easier. Only gripe: why didn't we have a cum shot from Jaden?

  • paul* -

    Yes, So Hot, Been wait a long time for this.

  • spence -

    Jason and jaden are a HOT duo! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • trudog1 -

    Another "Try-sexual" lol

  • napscoordinator -

    I wish it was the 28th already...lol. I love this site so much.

  • ZachUSA -

    omfg Jaden Storm and Jason Keyes together this has got to super smoking hot to see Jason doing man-on-man

  • pudge37 -

    you know all your regular members have been waiting for this with bated breath, just holding off for a monumental release!

  • jb1701 -

    Hot! Can't wait to see the whole video.

  • hrnypup2 -

    I need knee replacement... this makes me so weak in my knees... holy cow!!!!!!

  • paul* -

    Hot as Shit