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Home Videos James Manziel FUCKS Alex Griffen

James Manziel FUCKS Alex Griffen

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James Manziel is one of our favorite guys on GH. He's true blue, one of a kind, and hot as hell. Alex Griffen is the type of guy that just goes bonkers for a blue-eyed hottie like James. This is what made matching this couple up easy as pie :) Some of the hottest kissing we've ever seen. After locking lips like that, it's no wonder what happened next was so damn hot. These two were all over each other. Grab your fan, this one will make you cum twice.

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  • memberNWMPGraQJlWXymmT -


  • ReekaH -

    It would be amazing to see Alex and Josh Farve in a video together, that I would renew subscription for.

  • jimmharlo -

    just watched this incredibly hot video. James Manziel is a STUD. hard to believe this was his first time.

  • bethel1973 -

    Nice! Enjoyed it.

  • 8znUSTsy -

    The GayHoopla we love. Well done !

  • keico11 -

    Ir's the 19th! I re-uped for James. Looking forward to the "new" Hoopla!

  • jimmharlo -

    James Manziel with just about anyone is going to be a great scene - but Alex Griffen is a bonus. Coolcoolboy, you nailed it with your comments. Look forward to this video, yet another classic from Gayhoopla

  • coolcoolboy -

    Any scene with James Manziel is a total win. He is such an amazing bottom; it's easy to forget that he is a really good top, too. And I've missed seeing Alex Griffen; hopefully he comes back for more.