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Home Videos James Manziel & Derek Jones Flip Fuck ROUND 2

James Manziel & Derek Jones Flip Fuck ROUND 2

 | views: 731876 6%

Boy, James Manziel & Derek Jones can really put on a SHOW. James typically shines as a power bottom, but he uses this moment to really display his talents as a dominating top as well. Derek takes the pounding deep and of course begs for more. How awesome to see these two getting more and more experienced/comfortable showing off for us in front of the camera. After they both orgasmed, and we turned our cameras off, Derek and James looked over at us and admitted that they were so into each other that they forgot we were even there rolling! Nothing hotter than catching an organic, REAL, fuck! Great work guys! Please do share with us again ;)

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  • odinnot -

    great flip/flop,hot that derek cum 2 times,hot rimming,interview & bts

  • odinnot -

    hot scene. james took the words out of my mouth. derek jones ass is so amazing,that is why i love seeing derek big booty take cock. even the bottoms want to cum to derek ass.

  • kgmets -

    Watching James' hot ass getting fucked is always super hot. But in this scene James first topped and shot a load so big that James may have hit Derek on his face.

  • coolcoolboy -

    This might be James's best topping scene to date - he really gives it to a lucky Derek. James still shines as a bottom, but I guess DirtyD wouldn't let James ride dick and show off his power bottoming s***s. Hot scene!

  • pudgely -

    Majorly hot. Best yet! Compares with the best of other gay sites. Love these guys.

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    love me some james!!! the only thing it needed was bareback!! lol

  • odinnot -

    very happy gayhoopla release this scene. also i love seeing derek taking cock in his big booty