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Home Videos It's Big Man Buster Lake's First Day On Set!

It's Big Man Buster Lake's First Day On Set!

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First day on set! Buster Lakes was feeling the nerves as the lights came on and the camera's came out! He just wrapped up his solo and he's feeling more confident than ever now, though. He's ready to chill and tell us a little bit about who he is before answering some wild questions from the crew!

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  • RiseTides11 -

    Daydreaming about rubbing on those thick abs

  • SidePiecenShow -

    he's the perfect combination of muscular and hairy

  • Blake__50 -

    What a chill hottie excited to see more ;)

  • PSpruce89 -

    Can't wait to watch this solo! He seems like he could be a natural

  • Kingza8 -

    Buster's got that sexy big chest!

  • memberu4q9zwYIMpL4G19O -

    is there any reason you have stopped telling us whether the models on this site have had sex with another guy?