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Home Videos Italian Euro Stud Lukas Cannon Fires A Huge Load!

Italian Euro Stud Lukas Cannon Fires A Huge Load!

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Lukas Cannon is the modern day Italian Stallion. Those massive biceps look like they were carved by a sculptor! Appropriately named, Lukas blasted a massive load from his giant meat cannon and painted those abs perfectly!

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  • fratboylover69 -

    I'm gay and I want too see the models full orgasm that what makes these solos so hot....

  • fratboylover69 -

    Lucas was so hot and expressive....But once again you zoomed in to fast on the close up.....let the models orgasm play out....the jazz and cock will still be there after he's done....

  • jake238 -

    Almost forgot! Love that he is uncut! :-)

  • jake238 -

    Lukas is a total babe! 2 Super hot guys back-to-back! November is heating up! Also, great cumshot! the ONLY two things i would've liked to have seen is him showing off his booty during the solo. you know...jerking in different creative positions so we can get quality shots of his cute butt ;-) and of course the sexy pillow/couch grinding or humping wouldve been the icing on the cake. those 2 things honestly, wouldve made it a 10 out of 10 for me! <3 ;-)

  • jarko23 -

    A great choice with Lucas Cannon! He deserves a return video appearance! DAMN HOT!! I know I'm sounding like a broken record again, but if you would only start each video with the model standing with a natural non-erect dick. You always started you videos this way before, but then changed them.