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Ian Cage Unleashes The Beast On Kit Thorne!

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Ian Cage is a big bubbly bear of a man 90% of the time but there's an animal caged inside of him. When we let him loose on the beautiful Kit Thorne, he couldn't contain the beast any longer! Ian absolutely manhandles Kit through every position he could think of and half way through, has him busting all over the place! Ian scoops up the cum and keeps on fucking! Ian never lets the energy die until the moment we stopped recording!

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  • Hot4U1969 -

    ian is a sex god with a perfect ass and nice hole. He needs to be in more videos. The cameraman got a great shot of his ass and we need to give props where props are due. However, that was the only good camera angle the in the whole video. We need experience gay cameramen to teach them what angles a gay audience is looking for. When someone is eating ass, you don't stand to the side. When a man is riding another man, you don't stand to the side, you get the hard dick riding the sex god. You need more closeups of the fucking. We want to see the dick go in and out of the hole just like str8 porn. Cameramen need help

  • KyBredGuy859 -

    Ian is 100% a beast of a MAN! Really hot video.