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Home Videos HOT Stud Blake Jackson JERKS Off

HOT Stud Blake Jackson JERKS Off

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Blake Jackson is our newest fresh meat. He's got a scruffy face with a rugged look to him. Blake likes to get nasty and kinky when he's getting down sexually. Blake has no problem eating the vag, or sucking some cock! He will spit all over it either way and tell you you're going to enjoy it. Blake reminds us a lot of Derek Jones from his attitude, to his bubbly butt. Ultimately, he's a super loving guy who just wants to have a good time. Meet Blake Jackson and just wait until you get to see him in REAL ACTION.

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  • LuvzTech -

    Yes! Nice to see a guy that looks like a man! And did I catch the tease of a guy/guy scene? Bring it on!

  • pudge37 -

    Nice to see someone a little more rugged than the latest crop (I'm not complaining about them, mind you). I definitely want to see him again. The photography in the first jack-off was a little too antsy, Seeing it in multiple angles is good, but find a good view and linger a little bit. All in all, a good scene.

  • mikalmilano -

    New Hot Stud "Black" Jackson?