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Home Videos Hot New Amateur Justin Tyme Goes Pro!

Hot New Amateur Justin Tyme Goes Pro!

 | views: 631554 1%

Today, we're filming Justin Tyme as he steps into a professional filming setting for the first time. He has filmed his own solos before, but now he has a team directing and guiding him. Justin's solo features excellent lighting and camera work that highlights every part of the his well-defined muscles. As the solo progresses, viewers are given POV shots and long, solid angles of his perfect ass. Despite the added pressure of performing in front of all of the lights and cameras, Justin rises to the occasion, showing off his experience and hunger to please.

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  • beatthatdick06 -

    He's the best guy ive seen on here! my type 100%

  • nympho_fuckboy -

    hot new amatuer is right.. holy shit hes sexy

  • Sweetgum69 -

    i want to rim him

  • Guys_Call_Me_Daddi -

    I was just in time to not miss justin tyme ;)

  • HockeyFan -

    Or better yet...bring him back for more scenes on GH!

  • [email protected] -

    Very sexy and Very Handsome gotta bring him back for another scene

  • member39Xu9fGiC90lrjoU -

    Awesome discovery here in Justin Tyme! Beautiful toned body and no adornments like tattoos! I might even re-sub over at HGF to see Justin in action!

  • harlanny -

    What a sex hot guy! Beautiful physique! Great equipment!

  • alopez7 -

    He has to bottom soon.