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Home Videos HOT Gay Hookup: Gio Lockwood FUCKS Mathieu Sire

HOT Gay Hookup: Gio Lockwood FUCKS Mathieu Sire

 | views: 714626 7%

Mathieu Sire and Gio Lockwood had already spent a few days hanging out and laughing, so by the time we got them together in front of the cameras, they already had inside jokes, were already finishing each other's sentences and clearly had some great chemistry. They were already best friends. We knew this was going to be a good scene. Gio is short. He's 5'5" and Mathieu is 6'3". But Gio was going to be topping. So we decided that... "we'll see how this goes." Once we told them to get going... they just went. They'd been waiting for this to happen since they first met a few days before and once the moment was there, they went for it. But yeah... the laughing and joking around with each other continued. It's fun to watch guys who get along that well together. "I'm going to try to not send you home with hickies," Mathieu says, "what would your mother say?" Matt pops out Gio's thick, HARD uncut dick and starts sucking. Gio's muscular ass starts to flex and we see just how ripped he is. As usual, you get a really good view of the action. We know what you want to see and we make sure you get to see it.

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  • Maringuy55 -

    Someone forgot their medication the day this was set up. Matthieu ok.........Gio maybe for another site? C'mon guys! WTF

  • DmitryDickov -

    Please try it now RfXEkEPxgYst.

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    paul : landon & big D those last 10 min. were HOT!!!

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    i never did get the full 32min as shown i just got 22min but it was good wish i could see those 10 min .

  • ZX1Ef5yRgpCR -

    What a HOT scene! Great chemistry from both guys! It’s so great to see the behind scenes! We need more!

  • sean0915 -

    Mathieu Sire is great ! The man is a handsome hairy dream. PLEASE give us more scenes with Mathieu.

  • pb94301 -

    I second the Dirty DJones and Sean Holmes request!!

  • d1zxWui2bbZC -

    Please upload the scene with Derek Jones and Sean Holmes. You teased us with a pic back in July!!

  • wfDM4UNup29Y -

    I am glad to see Mathieu returning would love to see more of him.

  • sean0915 -

    Looking forward to seeing Mathieu Sire on January 19th in this scene !

  • bethel1973 -

    Looking forward to January 19 when this video is released. From the preview, it looks like it will be a lot of fun.