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Home Videos HOT Flip Flop FUCK with Collin Simpson and Adrian Monroe

HOT Flip Flop FUCK with Collin Simpson and Adrian Monroe

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This Flip Fuck with Collin Simpson & Adrian Monroe had me a little nervous. This was actually Adrian's first scene ever filmed with us prior to the one we've already released with Caden Carli. Technically, this video is where Adrian kissed, sucked, fucked, and got fucked, all for the first time. (Adrian told us he's let a guy suck his dick before in the past but never returned the favor.) Collin Simpson was the perfect candidate to break Adrian Monroe in. Collin was able to calm Adrian's nerves fast because he has way about him that's very settling. As soon so Collin's big ass cock filled Adrian, a sigh of immense feeling went through really all three of us. Collin took that opportunity to really pound out Adrian because he could take it like a champ. This video will be a huge hit!

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  • Bethel1973 -

    Colin is the perfect model for breaking in the new models for their first sexual experience with another male. He is sweet, kind, thoughtful, seems to out of his way to make the new guys feel comfortable. And Colin does it so well.

  • paul0330 -

    all i can say is keep bringing back adian!