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Home Videos Hairy Cole Money FUCK Smooth Sebastian Hook

Hairy Cole Money FUCK Smooth Sebastian Hook

 | views: 730610 5%

Hairy monster cock Cole Money has his way with Sebastian Hook's tight plump little man hole. Sebastian hasn't had fur quite like Cole's and had a grab from the beginning to feel what manhood was like. Cole had Sebastian blow his enormous cock then turned him over to eat his ass. After Cole munched all in the dark hole, he turned Sebastian over to get drilled. Sebastian could barely take the entire thing, moaning as it slowly went deeper and deeper. Cole was getting off knowing he was stretching that ass apart, finding himself getting harder and harder. After slamming Sebastian's ass, Cole wanted to add some frosting to Sebastian's face. Sebastian loved it all as he left it hanging for minutes and speaking on it later.

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  • Alann6 -

    Hot scene! Good to see some open mouth kissing with tongue! Some cum eating by Sebastian with a kiss at the end would have been a much better ending... Your scenes should always end with a kiss!

  • hot4u69 -

    Well I thought it was great. I love Cole. He is always great. I think Sebastian is a doll. Cole gave him a very long rim job and that was a great addition to the scene. Cole pile driving him while he is stand on his head was great. I can't believe Sebastian could take every inch standing on his head. I loved the ending where cole gave him a facial. I also, loved Landon Q/A after and before. Great Job

  • PatrickMcLi -

    Sebastian is the best.

  • hrnypuphere -

    Chemistry seemed to be lacking here a bit. If it was there it didn't carry through the camera. Technical issues seem to continue to plague the production team. Hopefully camera positions and lighting will be fixed during this *** volume production week.

  • limerick -

    WOW! Fucked by Cole--what an honor for Sebastian and a joy for us viewers!!

  • danvtr5 -

    Not a huge fan of the post interviews that have been appearing from time to time. Many of them seem to be making light of the sex and cumshots, IMO. Just keep filming the hot sex we've grown used to over the past few months;)

  • drdarian -

    I agree with pudge. I need to see a lot more tongue in the making out sessions and, on a side note, I hear cum in better for the skin than Proactiv. All in all, the sex was pretty on point. 4 stars

  • Rancher -

    It was just what I like!

  • pudge37 -

    Not much passion. Two pros doing a job. A good fuck, but not at all exciting.

  • verve14 -

    Two sexy champs! Hot to see young Sebastian back with the sexy vet Cole...made for a steamy session!! Cole was the lucky one this week! Hope to see Sebastian back soon!

  • coolcoolboy -

    So great to see Sebastian again! Cole is the lucky one!

  • limerick -

    Lucky Sebastian! Cole is such a stallion!!

  • butch1910 -

    Wow! Can't wait.