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Home Videos Gym Buddies FUCK - Jeremy Barker & Jordan Joseph Get What They've Always Wanted

Gym Buddies FUCK - Jeremy Barker & Jordan Joseph Get What They've Always Wanted

 | views: 667007 1%

Jeremy Barker & Jordan Joseph are just fun, easy-going guys. There's never a dull moment when you're around them! Their sense of humor matches up nicely and they both have a deep love and devotion for getting their pump on at the gym. This type of commitment is shared together and even admired by one another. Which leads into the sexual tension between these two muscle studs. It's so thick, you can cut it with a knife before the scene starts! As expected, an explosive performance by two of GayHoopla's most popular models unfolds. One for the books! ... and a bookmark to come back to again and again.

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  • jake238 -

    Jeremy is THE King! <3 One in a million typa guy! That squatting reverse cowboy position closeup is the chef's kiss :-)

  • memberXJCNe3FQWxbybjbq -

    I never would have guessed that Jeremy Barker would become the best bottom on GH. But damn... And has Jordan ever looked better? This is a scorcher of a scene.

  • glinda888 -

    Jeremy was made to be fucked. The best scene ever was with Bryce Beckett, not because of Bryce but because of all the different positions AND JB asking to be kissed at the end. It could have been PERFECT if Bryce orgasmed, 100%, inside JB's ass, and then his cum ouzed out of JB. This practice of pulling out and cumming and then putting it back in is BShit. Please, BREED Jeremy. And, give us more of him, like weekly. Please.

  • IcarusRising -

    Every new scene with Jeremy Barker in it is a treasure

  • piercing214 -

    Beautiful models, and again a very generous scene length, action packed! I & many others, according to the industry's discussion boards, can never get enough of Jeremy bottoming! He's such an all-out, all-around fantastic performer! The only thing which has been missing--& it's huge--would be for an alpha who means business to top with Jeremy all the way up on a bed--on his stomach, legs flexed & back arched as he does so well--& the top full mounted all the way above him, with his legs outboard of Jeremy's for extended pile-driving featuring prolonged, well-lit penetration shots from directly behind the models. Please make this happen, thanks much! :-)