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Home Videos Frat Hottie Tyler French Strokes His Morning Wood!

Frat Hottie Tyler French Strokes His Morning Wood!

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Tyler French just got his new place, fresh out of the frat house and into some privacy! His first morning starts out hard and he's finally got the freedom to deal with it! Tyler opens the window up for some morning light and turns his attention right to his hard cock that happens to be staring back up at him! He begins stroking right there in front of the window, leg up and ass out! Tyler's hormones are raging as he strips further down and begins humping the bed, frustrated he doesn't have a hole to fuck. As he turns over and begins fingering his tight ass, he really starts wishing he had a partner! With no other option, Tyler finishes himself off, letting go of months of anticipation. Tyler definitely loves his new place!

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