Home Videos Former 90lb WEAKLING Mason Skyy makes huge GYM GAINS and JERKS OFF for us.

Former 90lb WEAKLING Mason Skyy makes huge GYM GAINS and JERKS OFF for us.

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  • BailyAdam -

    Mason needs to get fucked

  • PresleyReid9999 -

    Ive some how notice that this secret menu gets advertised so much yet it doesn't get updated.. last video was like 2 months ago.

  • funandy -

    Its way too late now, but Damn! I'd love to see that dick on the 92 pound ***. This looks great, but what a fucking dick on that little dried up body. He must have loved laying in bed and playing with that huge dick. Oh MY GAWD!

  • jake238 -

    Aside from the cumshot, the 2 best parts were him laying back on the ottoman jerking and him doing the signature couch humping/grinding. Would love to do a naked yoga session with this stud <3 I LOVED this solo!! Thanks! Great work!

  • jake238 -

    I really enjoy this interview style! And I really enjoy all the moving around into different positions and being able to see all of the different angles! So much more interesting than the model just laying in one spot the whole time.

  • jake238 -

    Hope to see him on GH again! <3 Mason is VERY SEXY! He is cute with a great smile and has a great body! He has lovely eyes too!

  • dinodino17 -

    Very Good Video! Kudos Guys!

  • harlanny -

    what a hot man!

  • Jko122 -

    This is so mich hotter than I expected - he is absolutely handsome!

  • fratboylover69 -

    Mason is hot and his jerk off is too....

  • fratboylover69 -

    This camera guy is getting better.but still can't seem to be there when it counts....the money shot is critical.....you do porn what else is there???