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Home Videos FLIP FLOP with Max Summerfield and Tyler Hanson

FLIP FLOP with Max Summerfield and Tyler Hanson

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Max Summerfield had been slightly crushing on the thicker Tyler Hanson. He found him outside trying to catch a tan and had to interrupt as he saw his chance while the house was empty. His plan was to throw Tyler in the pool and get him all wet so he'd have to strip. Max's plan worked and took the opportunity to slide his hands down Tyler's pants and grab his boner. The two made out before Max took his lips straight to Tyler's hard cock. After some blowing, They wanted to take the rest inside where the AC was blowing cool air. They blew each other some more and decided to continue the tour of the body. Max bent Tyler over for some fucking. This was actually Tyler Hanson's first cock, so Max took is slow in the beginning. After Max blew his load, Tyler had his chance at his first warm hole. Tyler fucked pretty hard for a rookie while Max moaned with all types of feelings. The two both had finally released and couldn't help but laugh and think why they hadn't been doing this forever now.

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  • hot4u69 -

    This is great. I love me some Max Summerfield. These two were great and I loved all of the Heavy Max Breathing. He really gets into it. Great Video. A must see

  • versalin2 -

    so nice outdoor, so nice when a little bit of time they stand up full hard. Guys walking, going to have sex and being full hard, make me crazy. Hope more bit of movies like that.

  • pudge37 -

    Don't know why you held back on this one for so long. It's a damn good scene! Max fucking Tyler was intense, lost a little steam & intensity when Tyler fucked Max, but a really good show in general. BTW, how gay was that bedroom? Whoever it belongs to should not even try to convince anyone of being straight.

  • tommytum -

    been waiting a long time to see this, love when Max bottom