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Flip Flop FUCK with Jarod Spear & Max Summerfield

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Jarod Spear & Max Summerfield flip flop. This is Jarod Spear's first hardcore video and he couldn't have taken it any better. Makes me think maybe it wasn't his first time... The guys are watching something funny on TV while they puff on their hookah pens. After testing out each others flavors they relies they've just swapped saliva. Max also noticed after he moved in for a smooth kiss, Jarod was rock hard. After the two exchanged blowjobs, Max was ready to ride some cock. Bouncing away while blowing smoke everywhere, he enjoyed Jarod's cock. Jarod was also eager to take it in the man hole for the first time and Max jammed him silly. Surprisingly, Jarod took it like a champ and appeared to love it while kicking back and enjoying a few puffs himself.

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  • ajUF5zbkNz -

    One of the best videos of all time

  • axgCWhqatQ -

    One of my all time favorite videos!

  • smjeff -

    Missed opportunity! They could have blown smoke up each others' asses!

  • ttycouplet -

    Are Jarrod and Brad Spear the same person?

  • key2me -

    Very hot. Is it just me or are the boys afraid to use more tongue when they kiss? Just saying...

  • rodney35 -

    This is by far the HOTTEST video on this site for sure.. two great faces two great butts HOTTTTT

  • hot4u69 -

    This video was good. I love max period. When Max is having sex he gets into with his heavy breathing which is sexy. The camera angles were great. I would love to see max just fuck as hard as he can. Maybe one day. This video is a must see

  • bfychiguy14 -

    The preview was hot, the video was not. Sorry, but these two have so much potential and are so damned sexy, but the stiff, mechanical sex is boring and a turn-off. The new guy looks lik he will loosen-up and has an amazing body and fat mushroomed head cock. He has potential and looks liek he will loosen-up. If you are going to kiss, use your tongue guys and act, act like you are being paid to be passionate and get into that zone and have fun! Please.

  • Sylvain -

    A movie with Max is always a pleasure for senses! & with Jarod you're doubling the pleasure X♥X♥

  • pudge37 -

    Well done! Sort of reminded me of my first time, two buddies helping each other out. If this was Jarod's first time he gave it more than would be expected. Lots of hot fucking, photographed so we could actually see everything (for the first time here!) and well-lighted (often too brightly, but that's better than not seeing anything). A for effort!

  • pathfinder -

    why did Brad Spear change his name to Jarod and referred to as Brad's cousin???

  • hawk1955 -

    yes this but please, can we please get some on here where there is at least a semblance that the dudes are actually really slightly into each other. Gay for pay extremes. Just one episode where the sex is genuine, real and enjoyed.

  • wzkye -

    Release this Kraken!!!

  • wzkye -

    I vote for this one. Is this Brad with new hair?

  • buttdoctor -

    this one

  • djlove -


  • dayjob -


  • caladan -


  • MDNAish -

    Yes!!!!!!! This must be released asap.

  • talif -


  • Deebaby -

    OMG, This video is soooooo hot, please release this video first, if not both

  • cheekywanks -

    Do something bold and innovative. Post both simultaneously. Really give us our money's worth.

  • Darling -

    My friends and I must be idiots according to Peggy3660 as we much prefer solo scenes. There are more than enough sites on the internet that show boring, same old action scenes. Thanks for being different Gayhoopla.

  • rightfield -

    Max is the BOMB. I vote this video!

  • eiswirth -

    this one

  • odinnot -

    i vote for this

  • Bryanbold -


  • nobleindy -

    yes, how about today?

  • FEENER -


  • bfychiguy14 -

    Yes this new guy looks very hot, has a geat body, fat cock, big balls, great ass and looks like he is having fun! MORE of the video's of these guys together, please!!!

  • Sylvain -

    To be honest Max is my favorit, so no doubt, this one!

  • gringorie -

    This one definitely

  • Buttman -

    It's 2 against 1, so is there any doubt? This one!

  • peggy3660 -

    Why is there even a decision to be made here? This site posts solos all the time. As far as i can tell this site has NEVER posted two hardcore updates in a row. It's about time that happened.

  • raleigh03 -

    This one Please

  • ohioboyo -

    I pick this one. Duos are always better than solos. New guy is HOT!

  • iman007 -

    I vote this vid for next release. Its a fresh new pairing which seems to be a HOT flip/flop!

  • Hawk-eye -

    This one looks really hot! (Love the kissing.)

  • key2me -

    Yes. Always good to see a new face and ass being fucked.

  • pudge37 -

    I'd like to see Tyler's as well, but always more interested in seeing a new guy, so really want to see Jarod & his mushroom head first.

  • coolcoolboy -

    Release this one, please. Thanks.

  • tommytum -


  • chriswill720 -


  • ought2bgd -


  • blinktim -